Win’s Spa & Hair Dressing Provide many type of treatment; include hair, face, body, nail and trendy hair style. Combination Traditional and modern Spa which will provide relaxation for body, comfort and ease your mind.

HAIR PERM | Rp. 660.000 Rp. 1.450.000

Hair curls technique with treatment and vitamin. You can change your style without damage your healthy hair.

HAIR STRAIGHTENING (Rebonding) | Rp. 590.000 – Rp. 1.000.000

With modern technology and high quality product, you will get a natural straight hair.

HAIR COLOUR Start from Rp. 300.000

For follow the trendy hair do in modern era Win’s Spa & Hair Dressing provide many type of hair colouring with vitamin.


Other than treatment, our hair spa also provides relaxation sense and improve blood circulation.

Hair Mask Smart Bond | Rp. 250.000

For extreme damaged hair

Hair Mask Power Blow For damaged or coloring hair

| Rp. 190.000 Rp. 240.000

Shiseido Hair & Scalp Refreshing Spa | Rp. 250.000

Hair Spa Loreal |Rp. 240.000 | Rp. 220.000 |Rp. 190.000

Creambath Matrix For damaged or dandruf hair

Traditional Creambath With natural ingredients, like Aloevera, gingseng, avocado, your hair root will get natural vitamin supply.

CUTTING | Rp. 50.000 Rp. 140.000

Many type of hair style for men & women, we are ready for change your hair style.

Eyelashes | Rp. 350.000 Rp. 500.000

SPARKLING BEAUTY (150 Minutes) | Rp. 1.106.000

To make your skin clean, smooth and shiny. 

BODY SLIM BY 3 THES (150 Minutes) | Rp. 994.000

The combination of three types tea leaves able to burn fat throughout the body wrapping process.

YOGURT | Rp. 672.000

Fermented milk which is able to tighten soften, and nourish the skin.

DEEP BEAUTY (150 Minutes) Rp. 644.000

Green Tea aroma will help to relax your stress mind and also help your skin keep healthy all day long FLOWER BATH This treatment will tighten, fresh and rejuvenate your skin and improve blood circulation.

Royal Flower ( 150 Minutes) – Elegance Beauty (150 Minutes) EXOTIC (150 Minutes)

Rp. 588.000 | Rp. 518.000 | Rp. 546.000

Chocolate is not unfamiliar for women now, Win’s Spa Offer chocolate as a basic ingredients for body treatment with chocolate aroma that will calm your mind and balancing water contents in your skin.

PURE SMILES (150 Minutes) | Rp. 518.000

Combination rice and cofee can compare your skin pigmen become more bright and clear, and gives your skin with diference sensation.

SHINE PEARL (150 Minutes) | Rp. 518.000

Combination milk and honey that whiten and soften your skin.

FRUITY SPA (150 Minutes) | Rp. 504.000

* Melon * Mango  * Apple * Orange

AURORA (120 Minutes) | Rp. 546.000

For warming up your body and improve blood circulation.

 BLACK BORNEO TREATMENT ( 120 Minutes) | Rp. 504.000

For cleaning your skin.

JAVANESE TREATMENT (120 Minutes) | Rp. 504.000

For refining your skin and make your skin become fair complexion.

LAVENDER SCRUB (120 Minutes) | Rp. 490.000

To help relax your mind and also the extract Lavender will help to remove the scracth on your skin.

MERCY BEAUTY (120 Minutes) | Rp. 476.000

Treatment that make you feel you are in palace that make your skin become fair complexion.

REFRESHING SCRUBS (120 Minutes) | Rp. 476.000

CLASSIC TOUCH MASSAGE (60 Minutes) | Rp. 224.000

 PAMPERING MASSAGE (90 Minutes) Rp. 336.000

THE ROYAL MASSAGE (120 Minutes) Rp. 448.000


We provide local and import product for satisfy requirement of many type your face skin. 

a. Facial by GOLD (90 Minutes) | Rp. 546.000

b. Facial by PROMAT’S (90 Minutes) | Rp. 588.000

c. Facial by White “N” Clear by Biokos | Rp. 336.000 (90 Minutes)

d. Facial by BIOKOS (90 Minutes) | Rp. 308.000

e. Fresh Therapy Facial (30 Minutes) | Rp. 168.000

WAXING (45 Minutes)

a. Under Arms Waxing | Rp. 168.000

b. Half Leg | Rp. 266.000


Manicure and Pedicure is the treatment for treat & enchance the beautiful of nail. EXPRESS MANICURE & PEDICURE + NORMAL POLISH | Rp. 308.000 (60 Minutes)

EAR CANDLE | Rp. 210.000


FOOT SPA | Rp. 336.000

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY (1 Hour) | Rp. 196.000

FOOT MASSAGE | Rp. 189.000